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Robots, Time Machines, WWII Aircrafts Artist

Robots, time machines, WWII aircrafts: metal artist makes $3.5K+ per creation

Video created by: Strange Bacon

Getting paid - at least, paid well - for your art has always seemed like a well-kept secret. We sat down with a metalworker who figured it out with his collection of chrome robot sculptures, to hear how he chartered his own path (in his own salvaged WWII aircraft) toward financial success. Sean Guerrero, the self-proclaimed “mad scientist” of rural Paonia, Colorado, showed us around his home/studio/showroom. Amongst his many creations made primarily from found metals sits his series of chrome robot sculptures – who seem to have a hauntingly human disposition. A filmmaker and sculptor, Sean spends his days tinkering at his pieces, sipping red wine, and waiting for any new passersby who might be so called to stumble in on their way through – until winter comes, when he migrates to the desert to meet other artists. Don’t let the intimidating presence of his massive metal creations fool you: Sean’s heart is as mushy as his materials are hard.


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