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Paonia Art Gallery - Horse Cow 57

Horse Cow 57 Warehouse
and Inner Sanctum of Art


3rd Street & Grand Avenue
in downtown Paonia

Call for an appointment:
We'll be happy to open up for you and your group on Saturdays.


116 3rd St, Paonia, CO 81428


Join Sean Guerrero and Robin Arthur at the Horse Cow 57 Warehouse Art Gallery in Paonia, Colorado.

Featuring hundreds of Sean Guerrero's sculptures and Robin Arthur's paintings Art Gallery open every Saturday 12-6pm this summer in Paonia, Colorado. Over 6,000 square feet of art!

View more of Robin Arthur's paintings »

ART GALLERY IN PAONIA: HorseCow 57 Warehouse
Dali's Time Machine | Paonia Art Gallery HorseCow 57 19.jpg

Get a sneak peek of DALI'S TIME MACHINE!

You may just encounter Dali himself!

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