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Final evening of Telluride Fall Cars and colors show

here some of the crowd gathered before the final night started, Col Harvey of the Tuskegee airman gave a talk about his experiences being a combat pilot in WWII, There was a astronaut who spoke about living in the space station and flying the space shuttle, and a retired ex secret service agent during the Johnson presidency and the logistics involved.

Here I'm with the Rugerra family from Gunnison Co and their son seated, Brandon who was able to enjoy quite a few of the events that went on during the three day event. Brandon is quite an intelligent person and enjoys aviation history and quite accomplished at model building. I encouraged him to continue on with his creative path.

This is how they do it in Ttelluride, fly in on private jet the take a spin in your sports car for a fall drive on a beautiful day. I think this is Rob Lowe and his family.

These beautiful and talented ladies were part of the evening , They play classic rock ballads on stringed instruments.

Heres a rare Porche Spyder existed during the event.

These were some of my brothers sculptures, my work and our friends photos Michel and Shery's before the show started.

a 1972 Dodge Challenger

This was in Telluride in the U.S.Bank lobby where I'm currently displaying my recent horse sculpture. I was talking to the crowd about the process of how I create my work.

Im standing next to the bank President with some bank employees and Chris one

of the show coordinators.

Heres is one of the first Tuskeege Airman and the very first Top Gun pilot Co. Harvey standing next to a bench I created from old aviation parts for this show. Behind him is a working P-51 Mustang same combat airplane which he flew. He was the main character that was portrayed in the film Redhawks.

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