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Telluride show Oct 1st and 2nd cont.

This was the evening of the final night in front of the hangar, the automobile is a vintage Rolls Royce the plane pictured in the back is a function Beech C-18 I had the opportunity to fly in. Its the exact same model I'm building into a travel trailer .

I'm waiting for the other pilot to to fire up the engines and go for a early morning fall flight over Telluride.

Interesting and unplanned.... this is the same exact plane model Beech C-18 1945 I am converting into a travel trailer so it was great to actually see what all the working instruments and flight controls actually did as well as sit in the co-pilot seat during the flight that day.

here on of the pilots is checking out the plane

a fall snowstorm blew back south to New Mexico allowing the pilots to land at the Telluride airport that morning

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