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Telluride show afterwards Oct 1st & 2nd 2016

p-51 Mustang inside Telluride hangar next to aviation bench i built for show oct 3 2016

this is a P-51 Mustang that was displayed during the Telluride Fall Colors Car show, the bench is something I built specifically for the show from old aviation pieces I found, Its titled En Vol ( In Flight)

This is Col Harvey he is one of the very first Top Gun Pilots who flew a plane like this, he gave a very emotional talk during the final festivities relating to the extreme racism involved for qualifying to become a combat pilot, he was a very humble man and I'm very proud to have met him

Standing is Co. Harvey the first original Top Gun Pilot who flew a plane just like the one pictured in WWII

At the final festivities he gave a emotional talk about the racial hostilities by the Army Air Corp. for these brave men to qualify to fly airplanes like this. Im very proud to have met him. The film Redhawks was based on Col. Harvey and his squadron.

This little probe is called NASA Cygnus One All Data Lost inside same hangar. I built it as something NASA might have built and sent off to collect data in outer space late 50s early 60s and return back to earth for science data retrieval The tape hanging out of the mechinism is to show that once it returned back to earth once all tape logs are played back, the tape heads become stuck in the process jamming the tape rendering "all data lost.

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